Mavericks syslog server configuration

For you OS X server admins out there, the syntax to enable syslogd to act as a syslog server has changed under Mavericks and OS X Server v3.

As before, convert the plist from binary into xml using plutil:

sudo plutil -convert xml1 /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

The open the plist in your favorite editor and look for <key>Sockets</key>. The <dict> block after this key holds the information that used be in the dict block following <key>NetworkListener</key>, except now the information goes in a sub-block called BSDSystemLogger. The default BSDSystemLogger block looks like this:


This creates a UNIX socket in /var/run. To enable remote logging, we want a network socket on the syslog port. To get that, simply change the above block to this:


Save the plist. You can re-convert it to binary if you like or just leave it in XML. Unload and reload the plist and syslog will start and accept remote syslog data.


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