The Rest of the Fall Leitra Maintenance

I’m cleaning up my electronic files and realized I had a few pictures from my other fall Leitra maintenance that I had not posted, along with some notes on fixing a shifting problem with my SRAM DualDrive 3 speed hub plus de-railer.

To start with, it’s easiest to strip the fairing off of the Leitra to work on the drive train. It’s buried inside all that fiberglass to help protect it from the weather and keep it clean. The fairing is four parts. The nose and window section that tilts up for access, the upper tail box and side curtains and a two part lower tail box that provides some storage that is accessible from inside while you are riding. Here are pictures of the Leitra with the nose and tail box removed.

Leitra w/o nose & tailbox
Leitra w/o nose & tailbox
Leitra w/o nose & tailbox, another angle
Leitra w/o nose & tailbox, another angle

The major item on my repair list was to figure out why the 3 speed hub portion of the DualDrive was “stuck” in under-drive and would not shift into pass-thru or over-drive. The DualDrive has a “click box” that handles the 90 degree turn from the shifting mechanism inside the hub to the cable that runs to the hand grip shifter. Here’s a picture of it mounted on the Leitra. You can see that rear wheel sits inside a full coverage fender that extends down to a lip that protects the chain and de-railer arm from spray coming off the rear tire. The “click box” is circled in red.

DualDrive on Leitra
DualDrive on Leitra

The “click box” can be removed by setting the shifter in “low” or “under-drive” and pushing the black button on the box. This reveals the long bolt that goes into the shifter mechanism. This was surprisingly loose, which made me think I had found the problem.

A little Google searching later, I found that, indeed, that bolt needed to be firmly tightened for the hub to shift properly. I tightened the bolt up and then adjusted the shifter. The “click box” makes this easy with a little alignment window and a yellow indicator. The arrow in this next picture points out the alignment window. The yellow indicator should be in the yellow outlined box when set correctly.

Clickbox window
Clickbox alignment window

Once I had the shifter aligned, I had all my gears back!

I use the SRAM DualDrive in two ways when I ride.

On longer rides, I use the 3 speed hub like you would use the pedal chain rings, for large adjustments in the gear range. I use the de-railer for smaller adjustments.

But in traffic on my work commute, the 3 speed hub’s ability to shift while not in motion is a big asset. I tend to simply shift the 3 speed hub, ignoring the de-railer when going stoplight to stoplight because I can quickly drop down to low gear when stopped.

Needless to say, I’m glad to have the hub back in working order!

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