New Brake Pads, Warmer Weather

It’s finally warming up in Indiana and I’m back to riding the V-Rex. I installed new brake pads on the V-Rex last weekend.
That’s my V-Rex leaning up against my work stand. It was nice enough to work outside which is more pleasant when doing tasks like lubing the chain.
The V-Rex has Magura hydraulic rim brakes. One of the best feature of these brakes is their tool free, adjustment free brake pad replacement. The pads snap onto a fitting in the brake assembly while the assembly stays in place. The only thing you notice is that the brake handles do not travel as far with the new pads. It’s quick and easy.
Unfortunately, the Magura’s are very powerful and therefore hard on the rims. I have box section, mountain bike rims on the V-Rex now after damaging less sturdy rims with the brakes. I think if I were to replace the brakes on the V-Rex now, I’d opt for hydraulic disk brakes like I have the Leitra.

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