I gave up

I am taking a few days off to run the show at home while my wife attends a Veterinary conference. During the day, while the kids are in school, I’m working on catching up on long deferred maintenance on my Leitra. Today’s item: pull off the wheel pants and replace them with fenders. It’s a sad day for aerodynamics and style.


You see the Leitra looks much cooler with the full wheel pants on the front wheels.
But after having them fail three times, I’m finally ready to give up.
The main thing I did wrong was attempt to use them in the snow. The wheel pants are really a go-fast item and to be frank, the Leitra is my daily driver, commute to work bike; it rarely goes fast save for an occasional down hill. Carl Georg warned me about the wheel pants and how they would not work well in snow, but the cool looks got the better of me. So, I ordered a pair of fenders this past spring. The fenders have sat in a box while I rode the V-Rex during the summer, but now I need to get them into play before the weather turns.

Aluminum stock

So, I got some aluminum stock, cut it, drilled it and made the needed mounting brackets. The fenders look pretty good. But I will miss the wheel pants.

Mounting bracket

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