Riding in the rain

No, that’s not my new ride. It’s Workman trike I saw walking around campus. It’s adult sized, but doesn’t look like it would be all that fast given the direct, front wheel drive.

I rode home yesterday afternoon in between rain showers, or so I thought given the radar images I looked at before I left the office. My usual homeward ride takes me north past my house a few miles and then loops to the east and then south back to the house. It gets me another 30-40 minutes of ride time each day.

On the run north, I could see a dark cloud off to the east, pacing along with me. As I neared the turn to the east, I wondered if there was rain under that cloud and how far away it was. On the eastbound run, I couldn’t see any rain. Just a dark cloud. Perhaps I would be lucky and finish the ride home dry.

I turned south. Still no rain. So far so good.

Then I cleared a small rise looked ahead to the trees that lined the final part of the loop to the house. Just ahead of the trees, I could see a grey sheet. Rain. Enough to get me good and wet before I reached the house.

It was a cool rain — not cold, the storm cloud wasn’t tall enough for that — a refreshing rain that made the ride a little something special. It felt good to be wet and I appreciated arriving home to a towel and some dry clothes.

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